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The Justice Law Center team has been representing the people of Nevada for decades. Our founder, Bret Whipple, is a trial specialist that has been counsel on some of the highest profile cases in the area. We have offices in Las Vegas, Reno, Ely, Winnemucca, Yerington as well as right here in Tonopah. We offer free initial consultations so call us today!

"Law is not law, if it violates the principles of eternal justice."


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The Justice Law Center Team

We have lawyers that specialize in nearly all areas of the law. While our areas of expertise are centralized around personal injury, family law and criminal defense, no matter what your legal issue is we will either be able to help, or we will find someone that can. 

If you find yourself looking for that perfect attorney for your case, we are sure that the Justice Law Center team will be right for you and your family.

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We take the time to listen you you and your situation so we understand your goals.

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During your free consolation, we will offer you the best legal advice you will find.

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Everyone has a goal that would equal a win in court. Tell us yours and we will make it happen.
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We consider each and every one of our cases to be the most important. We will be with you every step of the way.

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Being successful in the legal industry happens when a case is resolved in a matter that corresponds with our clients goals. Nearly every client past and present is happy with our work.

That’s what we do here at Justice Law Center.

Depending on your type of case, you can expect the most professional and experienced legal representation you will find.

We are not offering pro bono representation at this time.

If we miss your call or email, we will respond at the earliest possible time.

We offer free initial consultations so that we can offer the best legal advice you will fine before any money changes hands.

We are always looking to expand out team.

Call us today and we will discuss your case in detail.